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Architecture and Urban Planning - A Memoir \ David Best
II 1960 - 1970
   The buildings that I had designed in the two new neighbourhoods in Arad had an almost neutral style, like my work in Gonen. In both of them I certainly owed, the use of dominating horizontal rhythms to examples of the early modern architecture, which I had appreciated in the work of Richard Kauffmann. This pure geometry and the simple building materials of clean cast concrete and white plastered block walls I believed projected the right visual image for a new town in a young modern country.  I remembered the advice, which Richard Kauffmann himself had once given to me; “Let the sun and the shadows do all the work, you should look after the proportions”.

   It was only after completing the planning of Arad though, that I faced up the fact that I had only received an architectural education and that town planning was not just architecture on a big scale. It would take me another few years before I would take the plunge by returning to University. This next time urban studies would be at M.I.T. in the United States, but it would take the Six-Day War for me to make this decision.  
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